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Intake Form Customization

DataGrail hosts Data Subject Request Forms standardly for each customer on the route: Each form is configurable, allowing Customers to tailor the form to their brand. Below are the degrees of customization currently offered on this form.

  1. Custom Logo: In the screenshot below you can see the Logo for DG:DATAGRAIL**.**DataGrail allows logo customizations per customer and facilitates logo refreshes when requested. 

  2. Text Modifications: Text is able to be replaced and/or modified:

  • In the body of the Privacy Request Form paragraph
  • On the Data Subject Details header
  • In the body of the Data Subject Details paragraph


  1. Field Additions: While the First name, Last name and Email address fields are not able to be removed from the standard privacy form, there an ability to add additional form fields to this list

  2. Type of Request: While these are not able to be edited or removed, these will changed based on the found IP location or manually changed location that the Data Subject is requesting from



  1. Additional Information: While the title on this section is not able to be modified, the section itself can be removed

  2. DataGrail allows for the ability to add additional text beneath the 'Submit Request' button 

  3. The 'Powered by DG:DATAGRAIL' icon can be removed if desired


  1. DataGrail also allows for a CAPTCHA to be configured on the Data Subject Request Form


Please contact to make any of the above modifications to your data subject request form!


Disclaimer: The information contained in this message does not constitute as legal advice. We would advise seeking professional counsel before acting on or interpreting any material.