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The DataGrail DSR intake API is built to enable customers and integration partners to programmatically create and manage privacy requests from anywhere. Whether originating from a web or mobile application or a bulk upload through a script, you can create a DSR in the DataGrail platform from wherever you see fit.

Data Subject Verification

The requestor receives an email at the email address that they used when submitting the request. To verify their identity they simply click the included link. Once the link is clicked the data subject request will move to data extraction in your DataGrail Platform and you will receive an email notification.

Deletion Request Lifecycle

When a requestor wants all their data deleted from your systems, they will submit a deletion request. The purpose of a deletion request is to remove any of the requestor's personally identifiable information from systems that your organization uses.


How does email intake work?

Intake Form Customization

DataGrail hosts Data Subject Request Forms standardly for each customer on the route: preferences.customer\ Each form is configurable, allowing Customers to tailor the form to their brand. Below are the degrees of customization currently offered on this form.

Intro to Deletion Requests

Both the GDPR and the CCPA allow individuals to request the deletion of their personal information, unless exceptions apply. DataGrail supports the ability to 'soft' or 'hard' delete this personal information for our Customers.

Language Translations

DataGrail supports many language translations on Privacy and Do Not Sell Intake Forms and corresponding email templates.

Multiple Identifiers

Personal data is sometimes keyed using different identifiers that are not email, such as unique identifiers, phone numbers or cookies. This article will walk through how to set up the Multiple Identifier feature and find all personal information from data subjects stored in data systems, while eliminating the possibility of missing data.

Smart Verification

By default, DataGrail verifies a data subject's identity through a verification message sent to their email. DataGrail also offers "Smart Verification" functionality, with an increased number of data points that must be verified in order to process a Privacy Request.

Toll-Free Number

If your company utilizes the DataGrail-enabled toll-free number to intake privacy requests, all calls to this toll-free number will create a privacy request in DataGrail.