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Access Request LifeCycle

When a requestor requests to access the personal information that your company maintains on them, they will submit an Access (right to know) request. If they are only interested in knowing the types of data categories you store, they will submit an Access Categories request. These requests follow very similar paths within the DataGrail platform, with a couple small differences that are called out below.

Access Request Results

After a data subject submits an Access or Access Categories request via either the privacy request form, email forward, or toll free number and that request has been processed through the data retrieval phase, a request moves into a Pending Action state where you able to review all found data related to this request.

Editing PII Data Files

Access Requests: Yes, to edit a record click the system name and then the pencil icon on the right side. Double click the field to adjust and click save. To remove a field click the garbage icon.

Email Notification Settings

Certain DataGrail Users will receive email notifications based on their User Role and responsibilities in the platform. Here, we will explain how to manage those notifications in the Email Notifications Settings tool.

Email Notification Types

Within DataGrail, there are a number of base email templates that are available for you to utilize and customize. The table below walks through each base email template that is available and when the template is used during the Access Request Lifecycle or the Deletion Request Lifecycle.

Intro to Privacy Requests

Data Protection Regulations such as the GDPR provide data subjects with a range of privacy rights relating to the personal data a business may have collected on them.


_Request Manager is designed to help organizations efficiently handle and respond to various privacy-related requests made by individuals regarding their personal data. This product streamlines and automates the process of managing requests such as data access, data deletion, or opt-out preferences. It centralizes and tracks incoming requests from multiple channels, allowing companies to effectively process and respond to these inquiries within the required time frames stipulated by data protection regulations like the GDPR, CCPA, and others.

Privacy Dashboard

The Dashboard supercharges legal and security teams' ability to assess, optimize, and report on the impact of their privacy program. This article will walk through how to use the Dashboard.

What is DataGrail?

Do your best business with DataGrail, the integrated data privacy solution that builds trust and eliminates risk.