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Go Further with Privacy

Do your best business with DataGrail, the integrated data privacy solution that builds trust and eliminates risk.

🚀 Automate & Scale Your Privacy Program

😊 Exceed Consumer Expectations

💡 Get Ahead of Regulations like GDPR & CPRA

Through our core products and 2,000+ integrations, you're easily able to navigate the evolving privacy landscape with ease of mind. It's the DataGrail difference.

What is Datagrail

DataGrail's 2,000+ deep integrations and data discovery technology supports robust data mapping and privacy fulfillment workflows.

💫 Managed

DataGrail is your hub for comprehensively scaling data privacy programs, from up-todate policy reporting to exposing critical risk and next steps.

📈 Scaled

No matter where you're starting with privacy, from setting a foundation to triaging volumes of subject requests, DataGrail grows with your team.

Customer Stories

Live Data Map

At the core of any data privacy platform and solution is a data map, because to complete a data subject request you need to know where to look to access your data.

DataGrail’s Live Data Map provides a blueprint of where data lives in your organization. And, any changes made to the systems used at your organization are kept up-to-date.

Average enterprise organizations have 50-100 different systems (i.e. Oracle, Hubspot, Marketo, AWS, Greenhouse, Okta, Coupa, etc.) that > contain personal and sensitive data.

live data map

Request Manager

Within minutes, complete a data subject request (DSR), eliminating error-prone manual processes and ensuring continuous compliance.

When a data subject request (DSR) comes in, Request Manager instantly identifies where personal data is located across your entire business through our discovery process, accesses it, and populates the details of the request into your online dashboard. Fulfill DSRs accurately, efficiently and seamlessly without the risk of missing any steps in regulatory compliance or inadvertently breaking any data privacy laws.

On average, 26 people touch a data subject request in an organization, introducing human error and inefficiencies

request manager

Risk Monitor

Don’t take chances when it comes to brand trust. Future-proof your company’s exposure with an intelligent solution for DPIAs. Risk Monitor auto-populates assessments using DataGrail’s network of 2,000+ deep integrations.

No need to involve technical teams or hunt for personal data in your tech stack. Complete data protection impact assessments using prompts designed by privacy experts to optimize submissions, and empower your team to comprehensively complete assessments that reduce privacy risk.

Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) are required by GDPR, CPRA, and a growing list of current and future laws, legislation, and auditors.

risk monitor

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