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Denying Requests

Within DataGrail you can Deny a request after initially approving through the Wizard state. Denying a request allows you to stop processing a request and close it with or without an email notification to the data subject. Currently, you are able to Deny a request in the following Active states :

  • Pending Action
  • Extracting Identifiers
  • Extracting Personal Data

The sections below will walk through how to Deny a privacy request.

Deny Request

Once you have approved processing a request within the Wizard stage, and are within any of the above request states, you will see Deny Request as an option within the request from the lefthand menu.

Deny Request Button

Once Deny Request has been selected, a prompt to confirm your selection will appear.

Deny Request Confirmation

Once confirmation has been selected, you will see a success prompt with supporting status update that the request has been Closed by Customer

Deny Request Buttom

NOTE: this does not stop or send any notification for direct contact requests that have already been triggered.

This means the request is in the status of Closed by Customer and is viewable in the Filters column under Status

Deny Request Buttom


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